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  Our standard minivans and wheelchair accessible minivans are primarily utilized for Medicab / Medicaid transportation. Our wheelchair van can accommodate a single wheelchair and 4 additional passengers. Medicaid approved transportation does require reservations to be made as outlined below. Non Medicaid passengers can request a wheelchair van by calling (607) 277-7777 to make a reservation 24 hours in advance.

 #1 - Requesting transportation
Prior authorization of taxi and livery services is required to ensure that Medicaid enrollees use the means of transportation most appropriate to their Medical needs. Orders for taxi or livery services shall be made in advance. Ordering transportation can either be done by the Medicaid enrollee, or by the Medicaid enrollees medical provider. The ride request must be phoned in to Medical Answering Services at   1-866-753-4543 or 1-315-701-7551
 #2 - Information needed at time of request
At the time of your call please have your Medicaid number ready for the Medical Answering Services representative. Please have the exact addresses for the origin and destination of the trip you are planning. If a mobility issue requires the use of a wheelchair accessible taxi (as seen above) then you must request that vehicle.
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 #3 - If approval is given for your trip request
An Ithaca Dispatch, Inc. representative will call you the day before your approved trip to tell you that Medical Answering Services has granted permission for us to be your trip provider. (please note that Ithaca Dispatch, Inc. will not call if the trip request is denied)
 #4 - Confirming your ride request on day of trip
On the day of your scheduled ride you will need to call Ithaca Dispatch, Inc. a minimum of 2-hours prior to your trip. Without confirmation that the ride is still desired, the trip plans will be cancelled and no transportation will be sent.

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CabCash!  Ithaca's 1st prepaid taxi card!

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