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             CabCash!  Ithaca's 1st prepaid taxi card!

Are you interested in seeking employment with Ithaca Dispatch, Inc.?
If so, we may have a job opening available!

 Call-Taker positions
We are routinely in need of people who are customer service oriented and are capable of handling high-volume incoming phone calls. Call-takers are an integral part of Ithaca Dispatch, Inc. and they work closely with our dispatcher.
If you have these vital abilities and are interested in this customer service position, please stop by our office at 615 Five Mile Drive in Ithaca and speak with us.

 Driver positions
Are you knowledgeable regarding the Ithaca-Tompkins County area, have a knack for dealing with the public and enjoy driving? If so Ithaca Dispatch, Inc. may have a driver position available for you.
*Before you can entertain the thought of becoming a driver, you must do the following:
1) stop by our office at 615 Five Mile Drive in Ithaca and pick up a Driver employment information packet
2) obtain a New York State class E Drivers License (easily obtained at your local DMV)
3) obtain a Abstract of Driving history (easily obtained at your local DMV)
4) be approved by our insurance company

about us ·  pricing ·  specials ·  questions/comments
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CabCash!  Ithaca's 1st prepaid taxi card!

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