The benefits and protections of CabCash

HOW CabCash protects and benefits you:

  1. CabCash allows parents to ensure reliable and safe transportation for their children

  2. CabCash allows you to obtain safe transportation to / from the hospital, school, the bar or the party

  3. CabCash is useful in case of emergencies, such as a car breakdown

  4. CabCash is the perfect gift for visiting friends and family members

  5. CabCash is a great alternative to the hassles of renting a car

  6. CabCash eliminates the need to carry cash

  7. CabCash card use requires presentation of valid i.d. to cab driver, therefore preventing unathorized use of card

  8. CabCash provides simplified and precise record keeping for your business

  9. Allow CabCash to provide your employees with a safe method of transportation to company events and parties

  10. As a CabCash account holder you can qualify for special rider benefits and discounts!

  11. CabCash does not lose its value if lost! Simply call (607) 277-2842 and a replacement card can be issued for a small fee