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             CabCash!  Ithaca's 1st prepaid taxi card!

Ithaca Dispatch, Inc. operates Ithaca's largest taxi fleet. We dispatch for University
and Cayuga Taxi, in the City of Ithaca, Tompkins County and surrounding areas.
Our employees are fully licensed taxi drivers. All of whom provide excellent customer service.
We also provide delivery service for small and large packages, short or long distances. If you would like more information about our delivery service please call the following phone numbers: (607) 277-8294, or (607) 277-7777. Or simply use this link    (click here to find out about I.D.I. Express Delivery)
Local and regional airports
Let Ithaca Dispatch be your passport to convenience when going
to the Pyramid Mall, or the route 13 shopping corridor.
Wine tours
Cornell & Ithaca College Tours
Cayuga Lake Tours
Request your $1.15 per ride savings by asking your driver
University Taxi and Cayuga Taxi are licensed by the City of Ithaca Police Department.
All Ithaca Dispatch taxis undergo weekly multi-point part service and maintenance checks. Along with our routine parts service and maintenance checks, our cabs receive interior and exterior cosmetic detailing. Top notch cleanliness is our goal as we routinely wash our taxis, as well as vacuum and shampoo the carpets. All of our taxis must pass safety inspections performed by the City of Ithaca Police Department's Traffic Division. These inspections ensure that our vehicles safety features are thoroughly operational. Additionally the cab that arrives to pick you up will have passed its annual New York State inspection.
NOTE:  The Traffic Division is also responsible for licensing all taxi-cab drivers in the City of Ithaca. Applicants must undergo a physical examination, a criminal background check and be fingerprinted before they are permitted to drive a taxi-cab in Ithaca.

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CabCash!  Ithaca's 1st prepaid taxi card!

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